KnowPEDs is the most technologically advanced screening tool available. 

KnowPEDs is a fully-customizable, web-based screening application for identifying Registered Sex Offenders (RSOs). Our sex offender data is collected and aggregated from all 50 states (plus the District of Columbia), 5 US territories and 132 tribal nations.

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Our Approach

Our unique platform utilizes robust name search capability within the latest cloud technology to offer you the tools you need to protect your customers and community.

Advanced Analytics

KnowPEDs uses advanced analytics to identify and expose sexual predators, even those who try to mask their identities.

Batch Processing

The KnowPEDs API is designed to integrate with the existing applications using batch processing to quickly screen thousands of subjects.

Upcoming Features

KnowPEDs is constantly evolving to improve accuracy and to implement customer-requested features. Features in development include facial recognition, biometrics and a mobile app.

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