Advanced Analytics

KnowPEDs uses linguistic analysis to identify name variations and nicknames based on the standards of multiple cultures. KnowPEDs also accepts typos and missing information in the names and dates of birth searched. Search results are prioritized based on the best matches to the search criteria. Subjects that have records in multiple states are merged into a single result, with each state's corresponding information presented as one result.

Batch Processing

In addition to the individual search capabilities, KnowPEDs can also screen large lists of subjects, such as passenger manifests, volunteer lists and employee records. These lists can be submitted either through the user interface, or through the KnowPEDs API. From these lists, a report is generated identifying potential matches to existing sex offenders, including photos.

Address Standardization

KnowPEDs uses Smarty StreetsĀ® to standardize addresses within the sex offender database to improve the accuracy of the search results. Standardization converts various address formats (e.g., 123 Main St., vs. 123 Main Street, vs. 123 Main) to the standard US postal address format so that addresses can be matched.

In Development

  • Mobile Application - You will be able to screen predators from the palm of your hand using iOS and Android platforms
  • Facial Recognition - Our application will allow you to identify or verify a person from a digital image
  • Biometrics - You will be able to screen predators by utilizing human characteristics such as facial recognition, distinctive features, and fingerprint verification.